Liberty® eDOC

The electronic DME prescribing solution available at no cost to you.

Join the growing number of healthcare professionals making the switch to Liberty eDOC — a valuable tool that provides maximum efficiency and expanded flexibility on how you submit your diabetes patient referrals and DO documents. Thanks to cloud technology, Liberty eDOC allows you to securely complete, transfer and store everything online.

Advantages Included:
  • No more faxes
  • Faster patient service
  • Fast, easy document approval
  • Accessible thru any device with internet service
  • Electronically stored documents
  • Increased accuracy
  • Meets federal eprescribing standards

Registering is quick, simple and free!

Upon completion, you’ll receive a password and username allowing you to conveniently access documentation for all of your Liberty diabetes patients online.

Liberty eDOC enables you to:
  • Retrieve DO requests for your Liberty patients
  • Refer new patients
  • Instantly approve, deny or change documentation
  • Submit requests back to Liberty in a secure environment

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